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We support resilient communities.

Darning is a age old method of repair by using a weaving technique to extend the life of the item, strengthen the item, to give it a new look, or increase its durability. At the Darning Group, we apply the darning technique to support organizations and individuals. We know groups and individuals are 'darned' together and are a part of strong and resilient communities.  We are each our own thread, woven and interconnected.

Our Team

The Darning Group members work to support the needs of your organization.  


Weaving people together and strengthening the threads of our experiences. With decades of combined experience in business, customer service, event planning, teaching and instruction, learning, we are making the communities we live in stronger, safer, and more vibrant places.  


Julie Fassbender


Tom Fassbender


Michelle Olig

Joseph Tadie Jr. Photo.jpg

Joseph Tadie, Jr.

Holly Rohlik_06_edited.jpg

Holly Rohlik

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Sequoia Robin

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