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Swim Group Courses


American Red Cross Lifeguard Training  

The American Red Cross Lifeguarding classes are designed to teach you not only the basics in water safety but also the proper protocol when dealing with any emergencies around water. The Red Cross blends both traditional lecture style along with crucial hands-on training in order to teach you effective techniques to deliver prompt care to those in need. Learn how to respond safely and efficiently to water emergencies with lifeguard classes from the American Red Cross. 

Water Safety Instructor Training

The purpose of the American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor Course is to train instructor candidates to teach courses and presentation in the American Red Cross Swimming and Water Safety program including, Parent and Child Aquatics, Preschool Aquatics, Learn-to-Swim, Adult Swim, Private Lessons, Water Safety Courses and Water Safety Presentations. 

Lifeguard Review

The American Red Cross Lifeguarding Review class is designed to recertify currently certified Lifeguards.  The purpose is to allow participants to review basic water safety, proper protocol when dealing with an emergencies around water.  

First Aid / CPR / AED

This American Red Cross program is designed to help participants recognize and respond appropriately to cardiac, breathing and first aid emergencies. 

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